Waiting Lists

Waiting Lists are established when the Board has reached its capacity to serve an individual in a certain program/service area. Typically, when an individual is placed on a waiting list, they are indicating that they will need that service within a twelve month period.

Priority Categories are currently being reviewed at the Department in order to establish real, obtainable information about how we can serve individuals currently, in the near future, or many years from now.  These priority categories will become the new waiting list guidelines for county board to use sometime in 2017.

We no longer have an Adult Services Waiting List as individuals wanting to be served in the sheltered working environment but go through BVR, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation for Job Coaching, Career Planning, Career Development, Vocational Training, and Community Employment.  Individuals must have tried all their options under Vocational Services before seeking services from the Adams County Board of DD.

Currently, there is one Waiting List for Medicaid Waivers and these waivers include Level One, Individual Option, and SELF. When an individual makes the initial contact to apply for services, a form is sent asking the individual to select the services desired. The individual is actually placed on the waiting list when eligibility is established. However, the initial date of inquiry is the date used for waiting list purposes.

The Board must annually notify all those individuals on the waiting list and informing them of their place on the list. They will also be asked whether they are still needing and desiring the service. If a Waiver is offered, the individual may decline and still retain their place on the waiting list.