Eligible individuals will be assisted in exploring existing residential options and required application procedures. 

The Adams County Board of DD is the administrative agent for the Individual Options, Level 1, and SELF Waivers, which are Medicaid-funded programs that allow people to live in their own home, thereby preventing placement in an inappropriate setting.

Currently, there is a lengthy waiting list for individuals in Adams County.



Supported Living is available for adults who wish to live independently but have no resources to help provide services within their home or out in the community.  The SSA Department can develop service plans to meet the needs of these individuals if this service is appropriate.  These funds are used while getting more long-term resources approved for the individuals, as they are not a life-long available funding source.



Venture Productions Housing Services, Inc. owns two homes in Adams County and offers affordable housing to individuals who are disabled and needed residential placement.  These homes are not staffed and do require the individuals living there to be independent with medication administration, food preparation, laundry, and cleaning.  Providers are used to help with skills needed to be more independent in certain areas or to help access the community.  Emergency placements are also made for temporary housing until a permanent place is located.