The Adams County Board of Developmental Disabilities (ACBDD) believes that all persons with developmental disabilities have a right to be fully included in the community in which they live. It is the Board's belief that each enrollee should be assisted to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally to his/her fullest potential. This will enable each person to take his or her rightful place in the community.  It is also the board’s intent to have services provided in such a way as to protect the rights, enhance the dignity, and promote the growth of each person served.

The integration of people with developmental disabilities into their communities is the cornerstone and mission of the Board's philosophy. The Board has a vision that each person with a disability has an opportunity to share in the same quality of life that is available for others in their community. The community is not only a place to live, work, and play, it is a sense of belonging among all people.

Senate Bill 322 Administrative Rules 5123:2-1-01 through 08


MISSION:  The mission of the Adams County Board of DD is to provide to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families those programs, services, and supports that promote their health and safety and allow them to choose how to live, work, and learn in the environment of their choice.


1) Early Intervention,

    Age 0-3                                                                                                                             

2) Venture Productions, Inc. – Age 16 and Older

a. Sheltered Employment/Employment Services
b. Habilitation Programming
c. Work Alternative
d. Supported Employment/Enclaves
e. Employment First – Community Employment
f. Food Service
g. Delegated Nursing/Medication Administration    

3) Family Support Services – For individuals with no Medicaid Waiver

4) Supported Living – For adults looking to live independently

5) Service and Support Administrators

6) Transportation

7) Medicaid Waivers