ADULT SERVICES: Venture Productions, Inc.

Venture Productions, Inc., the adult program of the Adams County Board of DD, provides a variety of employment, vocational, and life skills training, as well as leisure and educational activities in sheltered and community settings for individuals age 16 and older.  Our goal is to assist individuals to achieve his/her highest level of independence.

Venture Productions also has mobile work crews who maintain the area roadside parks and perform landscaping services for G.E. in the spring and summer months, as well as clean private businesses and partner to work at the Adams County Humane Society.

Gardening and a Mobile Market offers job skills and employment to individuals who want a little employment at the facility and then a little employment service out in the community.  A Master Gardener Supervisors this program for maximum outcomes with produce/products/and stability.

An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed by the individual’s team, which delineates the services to be provided in the next year as well as individual goals and objectives.

Food Services is offered at the facility as well as a Work Alternative Program for people who don’t want to work a full day or who just wish to have a more leisure program.

Employment First Opportunities are also located at Venture Productions for individuals who are ready for competitive employment in the communities.  Job Coaching, Career Planning, and Vocational Training are part of this service.